Meet Molli.
The AI receptionist.

Waking up early 2021.

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Our touchless design makes Molli COVID-19 safe.

How Molli Works.


Visitors and employees enter your office. Molli uses her on-device face detection to detect them.

Cloud Identification

The facial features are then compared against known people. Never stored without permission.

Stranger Detection

If they're unknown, Molli will introduce herself and ask some simple questions while notifying you.


Once recognised, Molli checks them in and welcomes your visitor with her lovely voice all while notifying the relevant person.


Everyone can manage their data, track and submit their work-from-home and more via our free app.


Access attendance data, security alerts and AI insights via our online portal.

Don't want Face Recognition in your reception? Print out a QR code via the portal. Place it at reception and scan with the Molli app.

Latest News

We're proud to welcome Brimstone UXO to the Molli family with their custom installation nicknamed Jetson.

  • Big Molli on a 32 Inch Monitor
  • Face & Voice Recognition Enabled
  • Custom name and branding. 
  • Custom UI, darker colours and a new animation.

We need you.

We're looking for early adopters to trial Molli in their business at a reduced cost.

Previous Generation

Below is some content from the previous generation of Molli. She's come a long way.